Purpose & Membership

The Race Story ReWrite Network connects initiatives, organizations, and individuals whose work is aligned with our mission. Our goal is to create an extensive web of collaborators and change agents who are working to heal individual and societal dysfunction caused by harmful attitudes about race in their respective fields and to draw on people’s unique talents in different regions of the country. Not only will we make the greatest impact if we’re connected with each other, but we also need to be reminded that we are not alone.

Our long-term vision for the Race Story ReWrite Network is that partners will

  • collaborate on projects, conferences, and events
  • provide mutual referrals for racial healing work in specific geographic regions or areas of expertise
  • use this website as an online collaborative space for sharing best practices and brainstorming solutions to issues we encounter in our work.

We hope to realize this vision through a consultative process with our network partners. 


Benefits of joining the network

The Race Story ReWrite Project is just getting started, so we’re keeping it simple for now. When you join the network we will

  • list on our Current Network Partners page your name or your organization’s name,  logo or photo that links to your website/blog, and your mission statement or a brief description of your work
  • note your organization's major public events (such as national or regional conferences and annual gatherings) on our Network Partner Events page
  • feature one of our affiliates each month with an interview or article about an upcoming event or current project
  • invite you to submit guest blog posts
  • provide a forum for you to share resources and request assistance, input or support from other members

There are no financial obligations or other responsibilities involved in becoming a partner of the Race Story ReWrite Network. Our goal is simply to connect with one another, support each other’s work, pool our resources, and let the world know how many of us are engaged in healing racial separation.


Become a Partner

We are reaching out to organizations and individuals – writers, bloggers and journalists; speakers, coaches, consultants and facilitators; artists, musicians,  filmmakers and poets; teachers; non-profits; media creators; community, educational, and religious groups; personal and community health practitioners; social justice workers – people who are engaged in some way in creating racial healing, amity, and connection.

If your work is aligned with our mission to create sustainable social change by elevating the discourse on race and empowering individuals to access their authentic capacities to transform cross-racial relationships and you would like to be a part of this movement to rewrite our individual and collective stories about race, please fill out and submit this form or
contact one of the team members directly.



Description of your work, project, expertise



Description of how your organization works for racial healing