What is the Project About?

The Race Story ReWrite Project is a movement to look honestly at the story we’re telling ourselves about race and then to intentionally reimagine the plot and change the trajectory of that story in a way that radically alters the outcome. It is about re-authoring our own future, about becoming fully engaged in writing a new story based on a new kind of interaction between the diverse members of the human family.

One of the prevailing stories about race in America says that it’s natural for us to be separated by color, culture, and ethnicity. Our collective past experiences have led us to believe that we don’t belong together, that racism is a given, that the tendency toward disunity is innate, and that injustice and oppression are inevitable elements of any human endeavor. The story, as it has been written so far, seems to be leading us to an unhappy ending – an ending in which the potential of this country is limited by patterns of mistrust and suspicion, where our ability to solve our own problems is crippled by entrenched and debilitating beliefs about who we are and how we should interact.

But many of us already sense that we’ve been functioning on a faulty premise, allowing ourselves to relate to one another based on someone else's script. We’re beginning to question everything we’ve been taught about race. We seem to be reaching a point in our collective narrative where we are simply unwilling to let things continue the way they've been and are ready to claim our right as a human community to be the authors of our own future, to free ourselves from the bondage of untruths.

We are finally beginning to understand that human beings are all parts of one organism, designed for connection, and that our collective race story no longer needs to be just about hurt, betrayal and oppression; it can become a chronicle of love, sacrifice, healing, and reunion. What’s been missing is a collective vision of a future that includes authentic racial amity and justice. One of our main goals is to create a space in which we can come together to craft this common vision. Our story’s new trajectory will be set by the very act of imagining a new outcome; in coming together to brainstorm a different ending, we are already setting things into motion.

Writing this new story will require us to draw on our higher selves and tap our noble attributes, to learn from and encourage one another and to have the courage to begin the sacred, sometimes painful yet hopeful work of charting a new course based on a recognition of our oneness.

This process is what the Race Story ReWrite Project is about – creating a profound shift in our personal and collective beliefs about race. We invite you to participate as co-authors in writing a new story – one that will transform our collective understanding of who we really are and what we can accomplish together. We need all of our stories to make it happen.


Who is part of the Race Story ReWrite Project?


The Race Story ReWrite Project has three main participants:


* an interactive, online community of individuals who are engaged in changing the way we perceive race

* a team of speakers and support staff who carry out the project’s mission through keynote speeches and workshops

* a network of individuals and organizations who share our goals and are working to transform society