Mary K. Radpour, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Chattanooga TN
“The world is so full of pontificating – words, words, words – that when we come across a lesson that sticks with us because it is grounded in deeds, we need to pay attention. The race unity work of Tod Ewing and Phyllis and Gene Unterschuetz is that kind of lesson – one that inspires, lifts us up, gives us the courage to try one more time to bridge the painful gap between black and white in America. These folks never point the finger; they take their own hearts and minds as the field of battle. It is there that they wrestle the angel for his blessing. Their courage, their generosity, their hopefulness – we need these as we struggle to free our hearts and our nation of its most challenging issue: the blight of racial prejudice and interracial tension.”

Leslie Asplund, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Camano Island, WA
“Being in the room with Tod Ewing and Phyllis and Gene Unterschuetz as they bared their souls and told their stories of “both sides” of struggling with racism somehow called my own soul out of exile and into the light of reality.  I always knew we were one human family but I needed reassurance that I was not alone in my struggle with the conditioning of my childhood.  Their courageous presence eased the torture of the shame of my own hidden racism and showed me there was a way to heal and truly join the whole human race.”

Twanisha Mitchell, Manager of Social Justice Programs, YWCA National Capital Area
“Tod is one of the greatest facilitators and racial justice leaders I’ve ever worked with. He brilliantly focuses on the delicate issues of race and spirituality and helps us to understand how important spirituality and inner healing is to the process of overcoming racism and biased behavior. The YWCA has been fortunate enough to work with Tod and will continue to do so as we work to eliminate racism and empower women. I definitely recommend Tod as a speaker.”

Cynthia Hooks, Director, Educational Programs, The Carter Presidential Center, Atlanta GA
(Phyllis and Gene) “Thank you very much for giving your time and knowledge to the staff, interns, graduate assistants and volunteers of The Carter Presidential Center. We truly appreciated your candor and the compassion you showed for the topic. After hearing your presentation, it is obvious that you are in the fight with us and I am happy to consider you part of the team. Please continue your quest to make a difference in this world because your efforts are not falling on deaf ears.”

Daryl Dudley, CEO, B Sharp Washington, DC
(Tod) “Your presentation was inspiring beyond words. Thank you for your commitment to truth. Thank you for being transparent about your struggle and your family. Thanks for going past the surface and giving us further discovery into who we REALLY are.”

Robin Chandler, PhD, assoc. professor African-American Studies, Northeastern University, author and international consultant
“Racial awareness is a long process of psychological and emotional growing up. By letting us into their minds, their apprehensions, and their own shortcomings, they permit others to see the possibilities of true freedom from the chaos of individual racism. The Unterschuetzes give deeper meaning to spiritual citizenship in the twenty-first century.”


Pamela Sanders Ellis, Ph.D. President Harambee Conference, LLC.  Charles Town, West Virginia
“Whether you are interested in breaking down barriers between people, or just improving the quality of communication and interpersonal relationships, the ideas Tod has about spirituality are both practical and uplifting and can have a positive impact on anyone.  I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Betty D. Morris, MS, Mediator and Conflict Resolution Trainer, Chattanooga TN
(Phyllis and Gene) “I wanted to thank you for the very excellent 4-day workshop series which you presented at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  The breadth of your presentation was awe-inspiring.  As a fellow trainer, I appreciated your ability to take the workshop participants to the heart of each topic in the series efficiently and to engage them potently.  I am equally impressed with your seemingly endless fund of knowledge across all levels of this complex and challenging issue. Probably the best tribute to your effectiveness, however, is the fact that your audience continued to grow throughout the week in both size and diversity of participants .  And considering that it was the week prior to exams, it testifies, beyond anything I could say, to your effectiveness as a team to address tough issues in a real, balanced, safe and honest manner. I hope that you will continue your endeavors to move this extremely important work forward.”

Dr. Phyllis Gudger-Porter, Retired College Professor; Spartanburg SC
“I am highly impressed with Tod's ability to shed light on how spirituality can be applied to the practical problems surrounding issues of racism. Discussions on racism and race can be very emotionally challenging. However I strongly believe the practical yet spiritual approach Tod is suggesting is our best hope for unity and justice. I definitely recommend him as a speaker."

Aneneosa Okocha, Ph.D. Professor of Counselor Education, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
“The Unterschuetzes’ presentation to my graduate multicultural counseling class was engaging and instructive.  Their personal narratives touched on key themes such as trust, empathy and effective communication that are critical for fostering genuine and respectful relationships, especially in cross-cultural situations.”

Teresa Ismach –Frederick, MD, Frederick Interfaith Chairperson
“Tod has a found a unique way to address spirituality as a tool for breaking down barriers across race and culture and to create outside the box ways to heal conflicts of any kind. His appeal to the best in all of us elevates the discussion on race and racism to a higher level.  The manner in which he presents spirituality as a solution offers hope to all regardless of their belief in a religion. If you want meaningful answers I highly recommend him as a speaker or workshop leader.”