Our Services

Our presentation ...

  encourages frankness and vulnerability while maintaining the dignity of all participants
  explores strategies that access our inherent ethical, moral, and spiritual qualities
  focuses on self-transformation and creating partnerships for racial healing work
  acknowledges the value of different generational perspectives
  identifies the unique challenges and responsibilities for Whites and People of Color

Our team of facilitators offers diverse viewpoints and decades of experience and field research on healing the wounds of racism and creating racial unity. Our approach is grounded in our belief that our participants are inherently noble and have mutual and reciprocal roles in building just communities. We use an innovative approach to storytelling and dialogue; our personal race stories are shared in a creative and affirming fashion leading to understanding, healing and a greater ability to connect cross-racially. Our team focus is to create an environment that draws on the highest and best self of each participant, empowering them to act more nobly, be more energized and be more productive in their work and personal life.

Intended Outcomes

Our objective is that by the end of a workshop, participants will
  • discover realistic solutions for racial problems that have seemed overwhelming
  • learn practical skills to promote racial healing in their relationships and communities
  • feel hopeful and empowered to change themselves and the institutions they serve
  • understand how to draw on the power of intention and principle to guide their actions
  • re-orient their vision to see themselves as the shapers of a new community
We anticipate that people will leave our workshop with
  • the courage and motivation to step into the intimate moments, to explore the unknown in themselves and their relationships
  • faith in their ability to develop the necessary virtues of trust, forgiveness, truthfulness, honor, trustworthiness, humility, courage, and authenticity
  • the ability to recognize attitudes and behaviors that are based on conditioning or emotional reactivity and the skills to reassess and choose a higher-self response instead
The ultimate goal of our workshop is to establish an environment in which our higher selves can meet, tap the authentic power that arises as a result, and express collective potential in creative solutions for bringing about racial healing.

Our model for racial healing is based on:

  the oneness and interconnectedness of the human family and the need for justice at all levels of society;
  the belief we can create communities that draw on the best aspects of our historical cross-racial relations;
  a commitment to personal transformation - tapping our deeper, authentic selves - as a prerequisite for racial healing and institutional change.

Workshop Overview:

Our workshops investigate the current racial landscape and its association with an unfolding process – the coming together of the human family. Participants are led through a series of presentations and exercises designed to help them explore individual identity, access authentic power for growth and change, discover and develop inherent capacities, and express those capacities in healing the racial divide. Participants take away a feeling of empowerment, a commitment to individual and collective transformation, and new skills to release human potential within healthy and sustainable cross-racial relationships.

A unique element of our workshop is a segment in which the facilitation team members interview each other. During this exercise we share honestly our mistakes and personal struggles with race and reveal the things that have challenged us in building our friendship. Tod may talk about his distrust of Whites, how that came to be and what he had to do in order to create healthy and healing responses. Phyllis and Gene often speak about their efforts to overcome unconscious racial conditioning, shame, and fears about relating to Black people, and what they have gained from those efforts. By making ourselves vulnerable, we model trust; by sharing our own stories of transformation, we witness to the power of spirituality as the means for rising above our conditioned responses and to the power of authentic interracial relationships as a source of motivation and courage. We offer ourselves as an example-in-progress of what can be accomplished.

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Sample format : half-day workshop

Workshops are tailored to meet client-specific needs with regard to time and content. In a typical half-day workshop participants listen to topic-talks, case histories, and team-member interviews, and engage in interactive activities, including

• one-on-one, small group and large group processing sessions

• storytelling games, role playing, story-writing and art exercises



Workshop topics that address client needs will be chosen from the following:

The Big Picture: An Unfolding Organic Process – Moving from collective adolescence to maturity
Identity and the Purpose for Existence – Innate human capacities
Racial Behaviors and Conditioning During our Collective Coming of Age
The Rewrite Process – Reframing the meaning of race
Emotion and Spirituality – 5 STEPS to freedom from being controlled by emotion and conditioning
Tapping the Wisdom of our Noble Selves
Individual and Collective Transformation – Faith, Trust and Maintaining the High Ground
Relationships: Connecting and Obstacles – MOVE (Moments of Vital Engagement)
The Roles of Blacks and Whites – distinct,  balanced, parallel, and mutually supportive
Power and Empowerment – Individuals, community and institutions
Practical applications and scenarios
Our vision for a new race story – connection and commonality
Sharing responsibility and claiming ownership of our race story’s trajectory

Sample workshop modules:

  • Writing Our Race Story – becoming aware of the story we tell ourselves
  • Discovering New Truth, Capacities, Strengths, Potential
  • Examining Our Race Story – expressing what we’ve learned
  • Rewriting Our Race Story – envision ourselves using new strength
  • Actualizing potential in a specific area of life – setting achievable goals.

* Full- or multi-day workshops address topics in more depth and offer participants an expanded interactive experience.